Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals: Creature Comforts

Sure, we all know about the many horrors of factory farming facilities, where millions of animals are crammed into small spaces, often abused, and killed in methodical and unimaginably cruel ways. But not as much is known about the way these animals are transported once they’re in the factory farming system.

Based in Toronto, the organization Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals is working to educate people about the horrific condition in which animals are often transported throughout Canada, allowed to suffer for hours on end in extreme heat and brutal cold on outdated trucks. There are better trucks available, and people need to demand that they start being used.

In this clever spot we created for CCFA, we explore the hypocrisy of how we demand “creature comforts” for our vehicles, but turn a blind eye to the suffering of our fellow creatures in the trucks that transport them. Hopefully, with increased pressure on the industry, things will start moving in a different direction.

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