In the summer of 2017, we found Jeffrey Morgan, the Executive Director of Ocean Protection Advocacy Kids (OPAK) tabling for donations in Chatham, MA. We talked to him about the work they were doing, and became compelled to find a way to make a film that would spread the word about the advocacy they’re doing on behalf of our oceans. We worked together with Jeffrey to find a grant that would provide them the funds they needed to make this video.

Fast forward to the spring of 2018, when the long, cold Cape Cod winter was finally starting to recede. We flew up to Provincetown to interview Jeffery, Melanie and to see them in action as they presented their unique, art-infused program to a classroom full of eager middle schoolers.

The result is this film, which OPAK can use to share their work with the Cape Cod community and beyond.

The hope is that when this current generation is educated about the perils our oceans face, they’ll become advocates themselves, and will work hard to change the course of this profound threat to our ecosystem.