Oceana is the largest organization in the world dedicated to protecting our oceans. In 2018, they achieved a major victory when they convinced the Fishery Management Council to protect 140,000 square miles of ocean floor off the West Coast from bottom trawl fishing. Bottom trawling is a particularly nefarious form of fishing that destroys everything in its path, and because 98% of ocean species live on the sea floor, this victory by Oceana was critically important.

In 2018, Animal Welfare Media was fortunate enough to make a film all about this monumental victory.  With beautiful Monterey Bay as our backdrop, we interviewed three of Oceana’s hardest-working west coast staffers to tell the story of how Oceana campaigned for this achievement for almost a decade, using hard science to support this important initiative. Without healthy oceans, our planet will not survive, so the work of Oceana is nothing short of critical. We’re thrilled to tell their story.