When PETA and AWM teamed up to do a PSA about Sea World’s inhumane practices, the problem of orca exploitation was already widely known. So it was a challenge to figure out how to keep the issue in the public eye.

Conceiving and filming an original and shocking piece of performance art in New York City’s Washington Square Park was a fresh approach, and demonstrated in real time what it’s like when baby whales are separated from their mothers. A committed group of improv actors pulled no punches in depicting the heartbreaking brutality of these practices for an unsuspecting audience, who learned first hand about how they can help end this shocking display of animal abuse.

What is the best way to demonstrate how cruel the wool industry is? When PETA tasked us with this mission, we knew we had to approach the issue directly and with an unflinching eye. So we decided the best place to spread the message was one of the most densely-populated places in America: Times Square.

When our dedicated group of improv actors donned sheep outfits to show unsuspecting passersby in Times Square just how cruel wool manufacturers can be, we were not surprised by the looks of horror and surprise we received.

We used a couple of well-placed Go Pros to get that immersive, “in-your-face” perspective, and result was this honest PSA that created the buzz PETA was looking for.