In New Hampshire, there’s nothing quite as brutal as the pressure coyotes are under from hunters. They are killed in a variety of barbaric ways, including trapping, baiting, hounding, and even being shot in the dead of night.

Thankfully, there are groups like Voices of Wildlife in New Hampshire to advocate for these mistreated animals. VOW in NH is working hard to promote legislation to help protect some of New England’s most cherished wildlife, including the Eastern Coyote.

Animal Welfare Media was proud to help promote HB442, a bill introduced to prevent the hunting of coyotes while they’re raising their pups. Coyote pups need their parents to teach them how to be coyotes, what their prey is, and how to avoid human-coyote conflict.

We love the work VOW in NH is doing locally and were happy to promote such an important grassroots campaign with this animated short.