Compassion in World Farming is an international organization working to improve the lives of billions of animals through the promotion of plant-based diets and by educating the public about how to make their food choices less cruel.

Awarded the designation of “Standout Charity” by Animal Charity Evaluators, CIWF’s campaigns are effective, forward-thinking and highly proactive. We were thrilled to be able to develop and produce a video campaign that would put the focus specifically on chickens as sentient, smart and lovable animals. Our creative concept was “How To Roast a Chicken,” with comedians making pointed jokes about a friendly rooster named Floyd (all in good fun!), and then getting to know Floyd a little better at the end.

We rented out Drafthouse Comedy Club in Washington, D.C., brought in the brilliant minds of Grassroots Comedy DC, and this video took flight! (Sorry, inapt analogy for a rooster!)