Compassion in World Farming: Mythpecking with Henryka the Chicken

In 2019, we “roasted” a chicken for CIWF so we could to share, in a comedic way, the amazing qualities that chickens have that make them the amazing birds they are. So when we were asked to make another video in 2020 to promote a plant-based diet, we just had to work with a chicken again (as we found out, they’re great actors!). Once again, we asked our friends at Star Gazing Farm Animal Sanctuary for their most charismatic chicken. They sent us Henryka, and a star was born!

In this short film, we debunk some of the most common myths about plant-based diets with the help on Henryka. Pecking for “yes” or not pecking for “no,” Henryka helped us set the record straight about eating sustainably, making this a film to remember.

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