Mutual Rescue: Our Story

One of the greatest bonds a human being can experience during his or her lifetime is the relationship with a dog or cat. Our pets don’t just enhance our lives; in a lot of cases, they can actually save our lives. That’s the mission of Mutual Rescue, a forward-thinking organization trying to change the conversation from people OR animals to people AND animals.

MR understands that when communities invest in shelters and other rescue groups that save dogs and cats, they are also investing in people, and making those very communities stronger, more vibrant places to live.

In 2018, we were lucky to be given the opportunity to tell Mutual Rescue’s story, and the result is this emotionally-impactful film that highlights the many ways that MR is changing the game both nationally and locally.  It was an honor to make this film, so that MR could share the powerful approach they take to their work: turning the important mission of saving dogs and cats into a more visible and visceral experience.

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