Sea Otter Savvy: Respect the Nap

Of all the species on earth, very few compete with sea otters for pure charm. They’re playful, charismatic, expressive, and live in some of the most beautiful places on earth. But they’re also almost always in danger, because of careless people who take to the water without considering that it’s also sea otter habitat.

That’s where Sea Otter Savvy steps in. Their mission is to provide people with the awareness they need to engage in marine recreation while also being mindful of the sea otters with which they’re sharing the water. SOS hopes that through outreach and education, everyone who recreates in the coastal waters in California will become “sea otter savvy.”

AWM was proud to be able to make this film to share their story, their vision and their methodology. We hope that as more and more people see this film, and find out about what SOS is doing, the more aware everyone will be about the otters – and all the other wildlife – that share our most treasured spaces.

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