American Bird Conservancy: Preventing Bird Collisions

It’s easy to become fascinated by birds. They’re beautiful and almost magical animals, and they live almost everywhere. When we were lucky enough to receive a grant to produce two animal welfare films, we knew that we wanted one of them to be about birds.

We reached out to the DC-based organization American Bird Conservancy and discovered that they have a long-standing campaign to mitigate deadly collisions between birds and windows on houses and buildings. Sadly, and shockingly, almost one billion birds every year die from these collisions.

Our idea was to use drones to simulate what it must look like from birds’ POV when they become confused by reflections in the glass and slam into plate glass windows flying at full speed.  Filmed in an open field in Maryland, the result was this impactful PSA that we hope will encourage people to take much-needed steps to protect our feathered friends.

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